Mass in B minor

Croatian Music Institute

Sunday, 2018-12-16
8 p.m.

Mixed choir Chorus Angelicus, Varaždin
Conductor: Anđelko Igrec
Soloists: Ivana Lazar, soprano
Marta Schwaiger, soprano
Sonja Runje, mezzo-soprano
Hugo Hymas, tenor
David Greco, bass

Johann Sebastian Bach

Continuing his exploration of the oratory opus of Johann Sebastian Bach, which has included the repeated performances of the St. John Passion, the Croatian Baroque Ensemble will be faced with a new challenge – a monumental Mass in an B-minor. After the performing at the Baroque Evenings in Varaždin, the work will be presented also in Zagreb in collaboration with the musicians from Varaždin – with a conductor Anđelko Igrec and choir Chorus Angelicus.

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